Oakland’s Truman Field Park

Truman Field Park in Oakland has just gotten a little bigger. Last week, The Land Conservancy of New Jersey kicked off Phase II of the Park’s expansion / flood buyout program by acquiring the 0.377 acre property located at 84 Roosevelt Boulevard. In addition to the six properties totaling 1.699 acres already acquired in Phase I, the program is more than halfway to reaching its goal of reclaiming 13 properties.

The properties are located in a flood prone area along the Ramapo River and the current homeowners will be able to move to higher ground. The houses will be demolished to provide the public access to the river.

“Every few acres we preserve add up to our larger effort to preserve our land and keep our water clean,” said Aaron Cela, The Land Conservancy Preservation Specialist.

A Township spokesman added, “Working with The Land Conservancy of New Jersey is triply rewarding – we have been able to move at-risk homeowners to higher ground, turn the land back over to nature, and create extra parkland for our community.”