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On September 11, we sponsored Team Preservation in the 2016 Gran Fondo NJ! Team Preservation rode to help raise awareness and funds to support our land preservation work to protect our water supplies, farms, and wildlife right here in New Jersey.

Team Preservation raised over $11,000 to preserve New Jersey’s vital open space, farmland, and water resources in the Garden State.

The “Gran Fondo” originated in Italy and roughly translates to “Big Ride” or “Great Endurance”. Gran Fondos, which are to cyclists what a marathon is for runners, have become the most popular mass-participation events for cycling enthusiasts in North America. The NJ ride offers a choice of route lengths (107, 75, 62, 42, and 18 miles) and timed hill segments.

There are hundreds of Gran Fondos in the US each year, and Gran Fondo NJ was ranked the #1 Gran Fondo in the US for 2016 by Gran Fondo Guide.

Thank you to Team Preservation and all who supported the team with their generous donations to help preserve the landscapes we love in our beautiful state.

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