Bob Santee joined The Land Conservancy of New Jersey as IT Administrator/Project Manager in October 2015.  Bob’s main role within IT for the organization is to maintain a secure infrastructure and a reliable network and telephone system. Other duties include providing support and guidance to the organizations users in all facets of technology as well as continuously improving upon business functionality and staff efficiency using the most up-to-date equipment and software programs.

Bob also works closely with our Land Preservation Team, as Project Manager, coordinating the due diligence for all land acquisition projects. This includes preparing RFP’s (“Request For Proposals”) for appraisals, environmental assessments, surveys, and title insurance.

Bob was previously employed by AAA North Jersey, where he worked as the IT Manager for 17 years.

Bob enjoys spending time with his dogs and vacationing in Florida.

“I look forward to helping preserve some of the most beautiful land in NJ”

Bob’s favorite acre: Schooleys Mountain Park , Long Valley NJ

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