Shiloh Hill Farm

Shiloh Hill Farm Preserved!

Shiloh Hill Farm, located in Frelinghuysen Township along the north slope of Jenny Jump Mountain, has been preserved with the help of The Land Conservancy of New Jersey. The 96-acre farm is family-owned and produces a variety of agricultural products on a rotational basis including cattle, corn and hay. The farm offers stunning views of the Kittantinny Ridge and its rolling hills frame the Delaware Water Gap along the western horizon.

Shiloh Hill Farm is rich in history and has been owned by the Berry family since 1947. It is the Garrett Albertson Homestead and was settled shortly after the French and Indian War after his service with the historic Jersey Blues.

According to Bob Berry, his parents, Merrill and Dorothy Berry, purchased the farm to run a dairy operation and for its unique location adjoining Jenny Jump State Forest, “They resisted pressure from land developers and speculators and passed the farm along in its current state to their descendants. The family has now preserved the farm to ensure that it remains in agriculture and to maintain the unobstructed view of the Paulins Kill Valley in perpetuity.”

Warren County also assisted in preservation of the farm. “The Freeholders and I are pleased to have helped preserve Shiloh Hill Farm. We thank Frelinghuysen Township and the State Agriculture Development Committee for their funding assistance, and we also thank The Land Conservancy of New Jersey for all their hard work on this project. The Berry family deserves special thanks for choosing to preserve their land for future generations,” said Corey Tierney, Director of Land Preservation for Warren County.

Shiloh Hill Farm was preserved with a farmland easement under Frelinghuysen Township’s Municipal Farmland Program with additional funding support provided by Warren County and the State Agriculture Development Committee.

“It gives me great pleasure to see the continued success of Frelinghuysen’s Farmland Preservation program. Preserving the Shiloh Hill Farm secures a historic, scenic and agriculturally important piece of property from future development. The Berry family has been active in Frelinghuysen agriculture for generations and The Township Committee thanks them for their willingness to preserve this beautiful tract of land,” said Frelinghuysen Mayor Christopher Kuhn.