Northwest New Jersey Rivers Conference

The Delaware River Watershed Initiative is working across four states to protect one source of clean water — the Delaware River.  In northern New Jersey, the Initiative is active in the Highlands and the Ridge & Valley regions, impacting several tributaries to the Delaware and the communities through which they flow.  Together we all have an opportunity to ensure clean water for generations.

The Northwest New Jersey Rivers Conference invites anyone and everyone who cares about this region, clean water and the River to learn how we can best work to protect its resources:  to conserve, restore, protect, educate, inform and bring communities together to defend and share what we love best.  Enjoy a day of speakers, workshops and community, then take home what you learn to share with others.

Across the Delaware Basin, homeowners, farmers, students, scientists and community leaders are working together to clean up streams, conserve forests and farms, and green our communities. You can help by volunteering for a stream cleanup, tree planting or citizen science project; creating a rain garden; landscaping with native plants; and being careful to use and dispose of harmful substances properly, including motor oil, road salt, fertilizer, paints and pesticides. To get involved with clean water efforts in your area, please contact your local Delaware River Watershed Initiative partner.

More Information about the Delaware River Watershed Initiative’s work in the Highlands can be found here.

TOPICS include:
  • Land Use Planning

  • Ecotourism and economic development

  • Financial Planning for Conservation

  • Restoration

  • Highlands Conformance

We hope to see you there!  Register here.