2016 Logo Newgreen

New Logo and More!


We are excited to unveil a new visual identity with introduction of a new logo and website that celebrates our 35-year history. The new logo is a bold refresh of the previous design featuring a painted tree and waterfall, which had represented the organization for more than 20 years when we were known as the Morris Land Conservancy.
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“Our organization has achieved tremendous growth over the last 20 years and we felt it was time to reevaluate The Land Conservancy’s identity to ensure it reflects who we are and what we are doing to enhance our beautiful state,” said President, David Epstein.

In addition to the logo, we launched a new website, www.tlc-nj.org. Key features of the site include a modern design, a more engaging user experience and a listing of upcoming hikes and events that we offer to our members and the public.

The new package was developed in collaboration with Lauren Krattiger, The Land Conservancy’s Communications Specialist.

“The new visual identity is the perfect tribute to The Land Conservancy’s past and future. The iconic tree and waterfall have been redrawn and revitalized to clearly communicate the message of land and water preservation,” said Lauren. “The new website showcases the mission of unwavering commitment to open space preservation, stewardship and education.”

The new visual identity can be seen on various digital platforms, including TLC-NJ.ORG and social media channels and will be featured at upcoming events including Gran Fondo NJ and The 8th Annual Gray Cup Golf Classic.