The Land Conservancy’s planning and land acquisition staff can assist your town to help you achieve your open space, farmland preservation, and land stewardship goals. Our municipal services program is award-winning.

The Land Conservancy is a fully comprehensive planning organization with experience in planning, digital mapping, grant writing and facilitation of public meetings.  The Land Conservancy staff works with our clients and partners to tailor our services to meet the individual community’s needs and includes staff licensed in planning and skilled in landowner outreach and contract negotiation.

We work with municipalities and nonprofit organizations throughout New Jersey providing planning, land stewardship and open space advising services.  The Land Conservancy offers a wide variety of technical support to municipalities to assist them with achieving success in planning, land management and conservation programs.


Vice President, Programs: 
Barbara Heskins Davis, PP, AICP
973-541-1010 x33

Services Offered

Community Planning: The Land Conservancy completes a wide variety of municipal and county plans for land acquisition, recreation, and sustainable design:

  •    Flood Acquisition Plans
  •    Open Space and Recreation Plans
  •    Greenway and Trails Plans and Designs
  •    Farmland Preservation Plans
  •    Park management and Stewardship Plans
  •    Grant Preparation

Land Acquisition: The Land Conservancy has been assisting towns with land preservation for more than 20 years and has completed more than 400 land transactions. We specialize in complex projects involving multiple partners and funding sources.

Sustainable Jersey: Our staff can provide assistance with completing the admission requirements for certification through the Sustainable Jersey program:

  • Certification Assistance
  • Environmental Resource Inventories
  • iTree Surveys
  • Community Garden Design and Management
  • Innovative Project Design and Management

Park Management: The Land Conservancy’s Land Stewardship team can help your town better manage its parks and natural resources:

  • Park Management and Stewardship Plans
  • Invasive Species Studies
  • Trail Design and Construction
  • Community Gardens
  • Watershed and Forest Restoration