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Mount Olive Life magazine’s feature about our work at South Branch Preserve!

Start A Garden And Watch It Grow- Land Conservancy Spreads With More Plots And Contract To Provide Healthier Variety

For decades the cornfields of the Wolfe Farm followed Route 46’s eastbound lanes on both sides of Wolfe Road, but the land has been fallow for years now.

In 2010, the Land Conservancy of New Jersey acquired the farm to establish the South Branch Preserve and farming returned to the land in the form of a community garden.

Now a contract with City Green, a Clifton-based non-profit educational organization dedicated to bringing healthy food and farming knowledge to people with little access to either, will bring farming back to a field on the other side of Wolfe Road from the Community Garden the conservancy started six years ago. City Green’s main property is an open space tract purchased by the town of Clifton from the Schulteis family and turned over to City Green.

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