Meet Our Intern Class of 2018: Joe Pelley

Our interns represent a diverse range of talents, abilities, backgrounds, interests and fields of study.  Dozens of interns have worked with The Land Conservancy of New Jersey, and they all share a common goal of  environmental well-being.

Joe is a recent graduate of Ramapo College and majored in Environmental Studies. He was a member of 1STEP (Students Together for Environmental Progress) and the Ramapo College Garden Club.

“Since I started at The Land Conservancy in mid-May I have helped restore the South Branch Preserve by removing invasives, taking care of the sheep and goats that also remove invasives, and performing general maintenance. I have also visited the Westbrook preserve several times to post up trail markers along the property borders there.,” Joe explained.

As far as long-term future plans are concerned, Joe wants to pursue a career in the state or national park system or something that involves animal rehabilitation.