Meet Our Intern Class of 2018: Bobby DeMarco

Our interns represent a diverse range of talents, abilities, backgrounds, interests and fields of study.  Dozens of interns have worked with The Land Conservancy of New Jersey, and they all share a common goal of  environmental well-being.

Bobby is attending University of Colorado Law School with a focus on Environmental Law and Policy. He is active in  Acequia Project, Environmental Law Society and Native American Law Students Association organizations. He also enjoys hiking, biking, and jam-band music.

Bobby chose to intern at The Land Conservancy because one of his goals is to help New Jersey become more environmentally stable. “I believe in The Land Conservancy’s mission and this internship is providing me with skills that will help further my career goals,” said Bobby.

During his time at The Land Conservancy Bobby has worked on Open Space and Recreation Plan Updates for several towns, including Washington Township, Madison, and Teaneck. He has also assisted with grant applications and trail planning.

 “After finishing law school, I hope to work for a non-profit organization doing environmental policy somewhere in the Northeast Region. While Colorado is a wonderful state, my roots are here in the Northeast, and I believe more environmental work needs to be done here. Later in my career I would like to run my own environmental non-profit.”