Meet Sam

Meet Our Intern Class of 2016: Sam Rosen


Sam first joined The Land Conservancy of New Jersey when he was taken on as a planning consultant and had been working to update the Warren County Comprehensive Farmland Preservation Plan which aims to consider the value of arable farmland in the county’s strategic growth. When an intern position opened up in June, he was glad to fill it!  As an intern, Sam has been assisting with updating the Bernardsville’s Open Space and Recreation Plan.

Sam is also to begin work on the Delaware River Watershed Initiative where he will assist in writing a plan for the New Jersey Highland’s Cluster, one of eight clusters in the Delaware River Basin.  The goal is to promote conservation and restoration strategies which will ensure clean water in the region for generations to come.

Sam attended Lafayette College and graduated in 2013 as a double major in Biology and Government & Law.   In 2015, he graduated from Columbia University with a Master of Public Administration in Environmental Science and Policy.  He enjoys hiking, music festivals, reading, and animals – “especially dogs,” he says.

Internships offer the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally.  Dozens of students and recent graduates have taken this opportunity and worked with The Land Conservancy of New Jersey, since 2000.  Each intern represents a unique set of talents, abilities, backgrounds, interests, and fields of study; however, our interns all share an intense concern for environmental well-being.

“The Land Conservancy of New Jersey has been the perfect because of its reputation as an accredited land trust, the opportunity to focus entirely on my home state, and the diverse array of exciting projects I have been able to work on to both make an impact for years to come and broaden my background,” Sam states.

In the future, Sam would like to work towards promoting land conservation with a focus on preserving natural resources.  This, he would like to do, particularly in areas threatened by climate change.