Meet Lisa

Meet Our Intern Class of 2016: Lisa Leone

Our interns represent a diverse range of talents, abilities, backgrounds, interests and fields of study.

Lisa began working with The Land Conservancy of New Jersey as a planning intern in June.  Her internship with us has her writing, editing, and formatting various plans and reports including the Sussex County Open Space and Recreation Plan Update, the Lincoln Park Environmental Resource Inventory, and the Westwood Flood Plan.

Lisa has a keen interest in how people understand and relate to their natural environments.  She graduated from Drew University in May 2016 where she studied both Anthropology and Environmental Studies and Sustainability.  Last year, during the summer of 2015, Lisa completed a one month ethnographic research study in Salvador, Brazil where she studied the ecological and cultural ties of local fishermen.

Lisa chose to intern at the Land Conservancy of New Jersey because she is looking to gain professional experience in the environmental field.  She says, “I have worked in other components within environmental organizations but haven’t had experience with environmental planning.”

She plans to spend the rest of the summer working with The Land Conservancy, and she is currently looking for full-time employment in either the environmental or social justice field.  She welcomes the idea of attending graduate school.