Meet Ben

Meet Our Intern Class of 2016: Ben Szydlowski

Ben began working with The Land Conservancy of New Jersey as a land stewardship intern in June.  He spends a large portion of his time outside of the office; he reports, “Most of my days with The Land Conservancy consist of working at South Branch Preserve, both in the community garden and in the preserve.  As well as working on the preserve, I’ve also held educational programs and activities for local youth to spread knowledge about our preserves and the importance of having them.”

Internships are not only the opportunity to grow professionally, but also personally.  Dozens of students and recent graduates have worked with The Land Conservancy of New Jersey, since 2000.  Our interns represent a diverse range of talents, abilities, backgrounds, interests, and fields of study; however, our interns all share an intense concern for environmental well-being.

Last semester, Ben studied abroad in the Okavango Delta, a large inland delta in northwest Botswana.  With Round River Conservation Studies, he camped and conducted research on large mammals and bird species throughout the region.

Ben is a senior at the University of Vermont where he is working towards a degree in Wildlife Biology.  As an undergrad, he is involved with the Wildlife and Fisheries Society, University of Vermont Admissions as a campus tour guide, and a student run charitable organization, Love Your Melon Crew.

Ben chose to intern with The Land Conservancy because of its commitment to preserving land in his home state. He says, “Being the stewardship intern and working closely with the community while also working closely with my surrounding environment is a perfect fit for me.”

In the future, Ben hopes to work closely with local communities to enhance land management and endangered species conservation.  He is interested in integrating the wants and needs of local communities with land management practices.