Malon Farm Preserved!

Malon Farm Preserved!

Malon’s Farm, a beautiful 62-acre rolling hay farm in Warren County, has been preserved by Hope Township and The Land Conservancy of New Jersey with generous grants from the State Agriculture Development Committee and the Warren County Board of Chosen Freeholders.

“The Freeholders and I are pleased to have helped preserve the Malon farm. We thank Hope Township and the State Agriculture Development Committee for their funding assistance, and we also thank the Land Conservancy of New Jersey for all their hard work on this project. Last but not least, the Malon family deserves special thanks for choosing to preserve their beautiful farm for future generations,” said Corey Tierney, Director of Land Preservation.

Malon Farm is the eighteenth farm to be preserved in  Hope Township and sits within a half a mile of two other large preserved farms and  New Jersey’s Jenny Jump State Forest. A total of 1,427 acres is now permanently preserved as farmland throughout township, according to Bob May, Chairman of Hope Township’s Agriculture Advisory Committee

This farm was preserved as a result of an application to the Hope Township Municipal Farmland Preservation Program. “It is a pleasure to work in Hope Township with their Farmland Preservation Committee and with Warren County in this is a beautiful and important agricultural area of our state,”  said Sandy Urgo, Director of Land Preservation for The Land Conservancy,

“Hope Township continues to invest in opportunities that will help preserve the beauty of our community. Farmland and open space is what attracted people to Hope Township and we need to make sure the future generation of Hope residents have the opportunity to enjoy that beauty as well,” said Mayor, Timothy McDonough.