2019 Intern: Kenton Matthaei

Kenton attended Penn State Erie the Behrend college and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics.

He has a real love and passion of exploring America’s national scenic trails, and became involved with the New Jersey New York Trail conference by adopting a section of trail to maintain at Pyramid Mountain. Kenton has hiked 4000+ trail miles in the last 2 years. “Being fully cut off from technology when outside allows you to experience the outdoors the way that they are meant to be,” he explained.

“I chose to intern with The Land Conservancy because it directly aligns with my passions and my love to be outdoors. Helping locally with a non-profit organization allows me to see the impact the work has first-hand, and be able to share these preserved areas with friends and family in the area,” he said.

“During my time at The Land Conservancy I’ve already gained knowledge of many local invasive species within the state as well as proper removal practices. Being able see firsthand how reintroduction of native species can help properly revegetate a landscape back to its natural form is incredible.”

In the future, Kenton would like to work outside and make an impact on trail systems and green spaces.