Join us at GRAN FONDO NJ! Sunday, September 9, 2018

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The Land Conservancy of New Jersey is excited to announce that we are sponsoring a team in the 2018 Gran Fondo NJ!  Our goal is to help raise awareness and funds to support our land preservation work to protect our water supplies, farms, and wildlife right here in New Jersey.

You can support The Land Conservancy as a rider, as a donor, or as a sponsor!  

RIDERS:  We are currently recruiting riders and team captains to ride on our team and help preserve and protect land in New Jersey.  For riders and team captains who agree to fundraise on behalf of The Land Conservancy of New Jersey, we will provide a custom-made Land Conservancy cycling jersey for the event and cover all of the registration costs for the Gran Fondo NJ.  Interested in riding on our team?  Fill out an application or contact Danielle Wolfrum at 973-541-1010 x25

DONORS: You can support individual riders or donate to our team HERE.

SPONSORS: Please submit the Sponsorship Form and contact Danielle Wolfrum at 973-541-1010 x25 or

What is a Gran Fondo?  The “Gran Fondo” originated in Italy and roughly translates to “Big Ride” or “Great Endurance”.  Gran Fondos, which are to cyclists what a marathon is for runners, have become the most popular mass-participation events for cycling enthusiasts in North America. The NJ ride offers a choice of route lengths (107, 75, 62, 42, and 18 miles) and timed hill segments.

For more information contact Danielle Wolfrum at 973-541-1010 x25 

You can find more information about Gran Fondo NJ HERE

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Gran Fondo NJ Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Gran Fondo NJ? Gran Fondo NJ offers a choice of route lengths (107, 75, 63, 43, and 18 miles) and timed segments (typically challenging hill climbs). This combination of bike touring and timed climbs attracts a wide range of cyclists ranging from the casual weekend rider to the well-trained endurance athlete. But Gran Fondo NJ is more than just a bike ride! It is a food festival and expo with activities and entertainment for the entire family.

When is Gran Fondo NJ? The Gran Fondo NJ will be held Sunday, September 10, 2017. Where is Gran Fondo NJ held? Gran Fondo NJ offers a wide variety of rides, all starting and ending in Morristown, New Jersey.

What are the routes? Gran Fondo: The most popular route, the Gran Fondo, covers a full century (107 miles) of cycling, four challenging timed hill climbs, with 9,108’ of climbing in total and a spectacular route to the Delaware River and back. MiGran(e) covers 75 miles, The Medio Fondo route was selected by the editors of Bicycling Magazine as one of “The 50 Best Rides in America.” With two timed hill climbs, 63 miles of country roads and over 5,470’ of climbing, our Medio route offers spectacular country views and a challenging way to spend a day of cycling. Piccolo Fondo: The 43-mile Piccolo route has 3,679′ of total climbing and one timed hill climb, the Mendham “Mile” (actually just a tad over 2 miles in length). Breve Fondo: This is the easiest of the four routes. It is 18 miles in length, with 1,416′ of climbing and one rest stop at approximately half way. There are no timed hill climbs on the Breve route, although there are some hills to climb. It follows the other routes out to Mendham before looping back and reconnecting with the return routes about 4 miles out from the Start/Finish line. If you are looking for a relaxing social ride, this is the one you might consider.

How much to I have to fundraise to receive a jersey and have my registration costs covered? The Land Conservancy of New Jersey will cover all of the registration costs and provide a jersey to any rider who agrees to fundraise a minimum of $750.

What do the proceeds support? All of the funds raised by The Land Conservancy of New Jersey’s team will support our land preservation work here in New Jersey.