Meet Emily

Since 2000, The Land Conservancy of New Jersey, has hired over 60 interns from colleges and universities throughout the country.  An internship is an ideal way for a student or recent graduate to gain experience in their desired sector. Not only is it the opportunity to grow professionally, but also personally.  Through hands-on work, our interns learn the fundamentals of planning, conservation, and land stewardship.  Collectively, our interns represent a diverse range of talents, abilities, backgrounds, interests and fields of study and an intense enthusiasm for environmental well-being.

Emily Korman stood out to us at The Land Conservancy of New Jersey for this reason.  Emily is preparing herself for a career in city planning with a focus on climate change impact mitigation.  For three years she was an executive board member of the Boston University Geological Society.  Emily’s hobbies include being outside to enjoy biking or rock climbing.  As a student, Emily majored in Environmental Analysis and Policy, and she minored in Earth Science.

Emily began working with The Land Conservancy as a planning intern in February.  Her internship began shortly after receiving a Bachelor of the Arts from Boston University.  After moving back to New Jersey she was referred to the Land Conservancy by a friend who could not ignore her interest in environmental planning.

Emily brings formidable talents to the Conservancy and its mission. As part of the Sussex County Open Space Plan, she created Open Space Profiles for each municipality within Sussex County.  Her internship also included work in grant writing and generating land use maps.

While working with us, Emily remarked that “everyone is so incredibly passionate about land preservation and people were always ready and willing to help.”

Emily’s favorite preserve is our most recent land preservation closure: the Ramapo Mountain Preserve.  This 46-acre property is owned and managed by The Land Conservancy of New Jersey; it features a view of the New York City skyline as well as evidence of glaciers from the last ice age!

In the future, Emily plans on attending graduate school.  As is true for all our interns, we look forward to a continued relationship.

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