ADP and Crowe Volunteer At Grover Cleveland Park

DSCN4811DSCN4839DSCN4756With the growing importance of caring for our parks, The Land Conservancy of New Jersey provides businesses with successful and fun community service projects in public parks and preserves.

These customized projects help enhance federal, state, county, municipal and non-profit organization owned lands. May 9th,  12 employees from three ADP locations volunteered at Grover Cleveland Park Conservancy.

Corporate volunteers benefit from team building and acquiring stewardship skills, while having the satisfaction of improving the environmental health of parks in their communities. These projects have helped to preserve New Jersey’s special natural, cultural and recreational places since 1996!

On May 17th, 8 employees from Crowe also volunteered at Grover Cleveland and helped with spring clean up and planting.The volunteers cleared out garlic mustard and other invasives from a 100′ x 15′ area. Together, volunteers filled 26bags of leaves, branches and debris. They also Planted 40 Dogwood trees and 40 coneflowers in two locations at the park.