ITree Project Featured On Sustainable Jersey

iTree Project featured on Sustainable Jersey

Buckaloo View in Hope Township Preserved

Buckaloo View Farm of Hope, NJ, home of five generations of the Maertens family, was recently preserved by Hope Township with assistance from Warren County, the State Agriculture Development Committee and The Land Conservancy of New Jersey. Over the years, the small property has supported a self-reliant family farm, a profitable dairy farm, and, during a period of dormancy, various crops.

The great-granddaughter of the original owner, Patty Maertens, and her daughter, Liesl, wish to bring the farm back to life. “We are planning to run a sustainable and diverse farm with fiber animals to provide wool for Liesl’s unique yarn business, as well as dairy goats, chickens, vegetables, fruit, and more.”

Liesl Maertens raises vegetables to create beautiful dyes for yarn that she spins herself. The yarn is sold globally through her online shop at  Preserving the land will enable her to raise sheep to provide wool for the yarn.

“This is a really neat and unique agricultural operation, with a lot of potential, that is owned and operated by a lovely Warren County family,” said Sandy Urgo, Vice President, Land Preservation and Stewardship of The Land Conservancy. “I am pleased we were able to assist in preserving it.”

And no one is more pleased than Patty Maertens. “It’s been a long journey to get preservation status and we are immensely grateful to The Land Conservancy, Hope Township, and all the others who helped make this possible,” she said. “We are excited to see what all is in store as we now have the means and confidence to take the next step to turn Buckaloo View back into a diverse and active farm for many more generations.”

Bob May, Chairman of Hope Agricultural Advisory Committee could not agree more. “Buckaloo View Farms is the eighteenth farm to be preserved in Hope Township,” he said. “To date, 1,372 acres of farmland have been preserved, which will help protect the agricultural heritage of our Township for future generations to enjoy.”