Since 2014, Membership Manager Barbara McCloskey has held an Arbor Day planting and presentation at the Bruce Street School for the Deaf in Newark.
From kindergarten to eighth grade, 75 students participated in the Arbor Day celebration. The students had the opportunity to decorate small pots with Earth Day stickers before filling them with soil and choosing a tree seedling for planting.
A short presentation was given about The Land Conservancy’s work, the importance of protecting our land and water resorces as well as instructions on how to care for the tree seedlings while an interpreter signed for the students.
“It was refreshing to see the kids so excited about planting and trees as most of these students do not have easy access to parks and other open spaces. This is my third year visiting the school, and the students have  continually shown enthusiasm and excitement for the opportunity to plant and talk about the importance of trees, and how they can make a difference in their individual neighborhoods, said McCloskey.