Intern Class of 2019: Alvin Chin

Alvin Chin is preparing to begin his Master’s degree in Regional and City Planning at Rutgers this fall, having recently completed his undergraduate degree there in environmental planning, with a concentration in environmental geomatics. Prior to coming to Rutgers, Alvin focused primarily on geosciences and ecology at Raritan Valley Community College, so he is eager to become more experienced this summer at The Land Conservancy in the land conservation planning process as he interacts with regional and municipal entities.

While at The Land Conservancy, Alvin works mainly on Open Space and Recreation Plans in different stages of completion for townships in Essex, Sussex, and Morris counties, and a habitat plan for a borough in the Highlands. “I enjoy seeing municipalities’ different approaches to preservation based on their unique histories and conditions,” said Alvin.

Alvin is the  founder of the Cook Student Organic Garden Club and  Field assistant for forest, river, and soils researchers in NJ, CA, AK, HI, and Brazil. His hobbies include hiking, cooking, gardening, and collecting state highway maps. He is also a trivia enthusiast who sometimes hosts trivia games in his neighborhood, and several years ago had a successful appearance on the show Jeopardy. While he’s no Ken Jennings, he appreciated the chance to make use of the esoteric interests he’s acquired over a lifetime of idle reading. He hopes that his wide knowledge base will come in handy in a future career as a planner, since planning can require consideration of a range of environmental, economic, political, and socio-cultural factors.