Make A Difference

Make a Difference Day at South Branch Preserve

To commemorate national Make a Difference Day, we partnered with the Daily Record to clear and winterize some of the individual plots so that the soil will be ready again as of April 15, 2016 for the crops and flowers the gardeners choose to grow next season.

Land Conservancy Development Director Christi Kobus Rokicki said gardeners take great pride in their plots, putting up decorative poles and flags or ornaments and keeping their area weed-free and picturesque.  Some gardeners generously share their crops through an informal program started by gardeners Ruth and Steve Solomon, who collect donated vegetables and give them to two food pantries in Mount Olive.  This season, 500 pounds of vegetables were donated, Land Conservancy membership and outreach Manager Barbara McCloskey said.

“The gardeners have been very generous with donating extra food,” McCloskey said.

The garden also receives some donated services, such as delivery of wood chips from the township and labor from employees of Toyota, who recently spread the wood chips that serve as walking paths between plots. Home Depot contributed hoses used by gardeners to irrigate their plots.