The Land Conservancy of New Jersey preserves land and water resources, conserves open space, and inspires and empowers individuals and communities to protect our natural land and environment.


The Land Conservancy’s Land Acquisition staff will assist you in evaluating and understanding the preservation options available to you. A conservation plan or strategy can be tailored to fit your land and your financial needs.


The Land Conservancy of New Jersey has a wide variety of volunteer opportunities available: attend an event, host a fundraiser, join our leadership circle and have a voice in the important land conservation issues affecting our state.


Get involved with Partners for Parks is an award-winning corporate volunteer program, sponsor an event and explore corporate grant opportunities that support our key program areas; Land Preservation, Stewardship, and Education.


The Land Conservancy’s planning and acquisition staff will assist your town to help them achieve their open space, farmland preservation and land stewardship programs. Our municipal services program is award-winning.

In wilderness is the preservation of the world.

– Henry David Thoreau

Recent News

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TLC Receives Donated Truck

TLC Receives Donated Truck

Thanks to the generosity of New Jersey Natural Gas, The Land Conservancy has a much-needed new truck for…

Aurora Borealis Video-captured At South Branch Preserve

Aurora borealis video-captured at South Branch Preserve

Ever had an otherwise perfect photograph or video ruined by a photobomb? In the case of a recent…

Oakland’s Truman Field Park

Oakland’s Truman Field Park

Truman Field Park in Oakland has just gotten a little bigger. Last week, The Land Conservancy of New…